Ultimate NutritionWhat is Ultimate Nutrition?
Ultimate Nutrition is a combination of several nutrient dense whole foods.

Ultimate Nutrition is both a brain and body food. As a brain food, the ingredients in Ultimate Nutrition can help with alertness and mental clarity. Ultimate Nutrition is great for people who need to make snap decisions or who are required to concentrate for long periods of time. As a body food, the synergy of the naturally occurring amino acids contained in Ultimate Nutrition can help to stimulate the hypothalamus of the brain, thus allowing the body to secrete its own natural growth hormones used for repair of muscle tissue, reduction of fat and increase in lean muscle.

Who Can Use Ultimate Nutrition?
Ultimate Nutrition is perfect for everyone requiring instant long term super energy or mental clarity, or those lacking nutrients in their diet.

Is Ultimate Nutrition a Supplement?
No. Ultimate Nutrition is a combination of several whole foods designed to give the body everything it requires to sustain itself.

Why Do I need Ultimate Nutrition?
Ultimate Nutrition is based on the premise that if you get your daily nutrient requirements from whole foods, there is less need to supplement your diet with other things.

What if I already eat a balanced healthy diet?
Unfortunately, nowadays with genetic engineering, soil depletion, lack of minerals in the soils, over farming and chemical pesticides, we are not getting quality nutrition from the food we eat.

How is Ultimate Nutrition taken?
Ultimate Nutrition is most efficiently utilized when dissolved dry in the mouth and then followed with a sip of water. Do not swallow immediately. Rather let the Ultimate Nutrition powder mix with the water in the mouth. Hold for 10 seconds, sip more water and swallow.

The key to Ultimate Nutrition is the delivery system. Ultimate Nutrition is designed for total and rapid absorption with no waste. It is designed to be absorbed through the cheek lining, gums and under the tongue. This is the primary reason why such immediate results are gained by using Ultimate Nutrition and why it is great on the go.

What about Absorption of Ultimate Nutrition?
Ultimate Nutrition was originally designed for people who have problems absorbing nutrients through the gut wall e.g. the terminally ill, anorexic, bulimic, the elderly and those with debilitating conditions.

Does Ultimate Nutrition give you a Super high and then a Dramatic Low after a few hours?
No. Unlike sugar or products which are high in sugar or artificially or chemically engineered products, Ultimate Nutrition gives lasting energy with no low or downer effect.

How many Grams of Protein per teaspoon?
There are many misconceptions about proteins in food and how much the body actually needs to function properly. The key with Ultimate Nutrition is in the absorption. The main ingredients are 60-80% protein and absorption is absolute. With 100% absorption the body is able to utilize protein straight from the blood stream.

Protein from meat and dairy products requires a lot of wasted energy to be able to be digested, absorbed and then eliminated from the body. With Ultimate Nutrition there is no waste. It feeds the muscles and the brain immediately and does help to promote quality, lean muscle mass.

Is Ultimate Nutrition Organic?
Ultimate Nutrition is a 100% organic product with no artificial sweeteners or additives.

What about allergies to bee pollen?
If you know that you are definitely allergic to bee pollen, it is suggested you do not take Ultimate Nutrition. There are people with allergies to bee stings or Royal Jelly can take Ultimate Nutrition without any problems. Bee pollen is actually used in the treatment of allergies and asthma. The purity of the Super Pollen used in Ultimate Nutrition ensures that it should be less problematic than other polluted pollens.

How good is the Super Pollen?
The Russians buy most of the Super Pollen for their athletes in training, and have been doing so for years. The remainder is used in Ultimate Nutrition.

How many servings per tub?
A 125g tub of Ultimate Nutrition should provide a 30-day supply.

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